Tulisa Was Caught Passing Round Roll-up Cigarette

by Jenny Novac on July 15, 2013


She had packed her sexy bikini and went to Ibiza to celebrate her birthday. However, it all went a little wrong for Tulisa on Ibiza when an unknown man flirted with her best friend Chelsee Healey. At the Ocean Beach Club an unknown fan made his move to Chelsee and the former X Factor judge sprang to her defence. So Tulisa prevented a real scandal.

Tulisa (the full name is Tulisa Contostavlos) is a well-known English song-writer who celebrated on July 13 her 25th Birthday.

One of those who was there said: “She was angry at how he treated her friend and then he riled up Tulisa even further by mocking her recent arrest.

The day before, while flying out of Manchester airport for the party, Chelsee gave dues to Tulisa: “We get on really well, people are surprised but she has got a girlie side and she has a really loyal friend.” Tulisa has been enjoying her holiday away from noisy and stressful London life.

On Monday first she had a wonderful meal while watching the sunset at Café Mambo and then she walked a mile in heels to get to Plastik nightclub. She had a party in the club until 4am, after which she stayed up until sunrise having a party with friends in the pool.

On Wednesday, Tulisa along with her friends hired jet-skis and banana boats, drank cocktails and smoked cigarettes. Thus Tulisa was caught passing around a rolled-up cigarette at Reggae Reggae Beach bar.


On Thursday Tulisa had a dinner at her favourite restaurant La Casita before a night of heavy boozing on Friday at Ibiza Rocks bar on the beachfront. Sadly for guys on this holiday, Tulisa seemed uninterested in males who came closer to her, choosing to dance with her mates.

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