Use My QuitBuddy for Smoking Cessation

by Jenny Novac on June 24, 2015

Using Smartphone

There was launched a new application for those who wants to quit smoking. The talk is about app called My QuitBuddy.

With My QuitBuddy you choose when to start your personal quitting program. You may choose to quit smoking right now or you may establish a concrete quitting day for future.

You can establish your own goals for quitting, describe your personal reasons for this step and even include images of your beloved people if you do it for them.

The app provides such an option as community forum which allows to interact with other smokers trying to quit. On the forum people may share their successful quitting stories, share cessation tips from personal experience and get a great support from people alike.

Newest version of My QuitBuddy has an option called ‘check in’ which verifies every evening during first three weeks  if the smoker follows his initially established quitting goals.

Each day the app provides health benefits for your body without smoking.

The app allows you to set danger times when cravings are more likely to appear. At danger times the app shows you a reminder of why you chose to quit, can connect you to the Quitline to make sure you stay quit and even offers games to distract you.

My QuitBuddy

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