V8 vintage Winfield tobacco ad cleared by HD of breaking ad laws

by Jenny Novac on June 18, 2013

The Health Department and Ageing has removed the official V8 Supercars site of breaking the tight laws on the marketing tobacco after the website published historic pictures of a car intensely branded with Winfield branding.

The V8 Supercars Saturday Sleuthing feature involved a number of pictures of a car with Winfield sponsorship across several parts of the car.

Winfield Tobacco Ad

V8 vintage Winfield tobacco ad

Advertisements for the Government’s Quitline are presently being served on the website above the photos.

The item aims at on the history of the Gibson Motorsport Commodores led by Fred Gibson in the 90s. The Health Department’s Quitnow website is at present running a competition to win several four-day circuit passes and grid walks. To gain, visitors must express in some words or less what would motivate themselves or a friend / family member to quit smoking.

V8 vintage Winfield

V8 vintage Winfield ad

The Department of Health explained to Mumbrella that according to the Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Act 1992 (the Act), with certain limited exceptions, it is an offence to post or air a tobacco ad.

“The Act describes a tobacco advertising very extensively and it contains any writing, still or moving image, sign, symbol or other visual picture that presents promotion to, or otherwise advertises or is designed to prompt smoking of or the buying or use of, tobacco products.

Section 19 of the Act states that  an advertiser may be excluded from the act if “the person posts the advertisement as an accidental or incidental accompaniment to the publication of other matter.”

In its statement, the DoH did not response to the Mumbrella’s question of whether it had an issue of its Quitline ad appearing next to the Winfield branding. However, almost a week after first being asked to comment, the advertisement is still being functioned.

It is not the first time when a tobacco company sponsorship display is banned to be demonstrated on race cars. Earlier in May, cigarette advertisements during Formula 1 were as well prohibited.

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