Vitamin C Good for Babies Born to Pregnant Smokers

by Jenny Novac on May 21, 2014


When a woman is smoking during her pregnancy it affects her baby in many ways. However, a new study suggests that taking vitamin C supplements may affect positively baby’s health by improving lung function and reducing incidence of wheezing in babies born to smoking women.

The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Scientists say that smoking during pregnancy affects negatively development of lungs which may result in lifelong decreases in lung function.

Taking supplements with Vitamin C during pregnancy may be a cheap and effective way to eliminate negative effects of female smoking on her baby’s lung function and thus prevent respiratory problems in future.

Babies of females who smoked during their pregnancies show reduced pulmonary function test (PFT) results. The respiratory changes result in increased incidence of childhood asthma.

Scientists discovered during their research that vitamin C blocked some of the effects of nicotine on development of lungs and pulonary function in child.  In the course of the study there was given vitamin C or placebo to pregnant women.

Scientists observed that babies whose mothers took vitamin C had improved measures of pulmonary function in comparison with those who took placebo. Besides this, those babies had greatly decreased wheezing through age one year.

Certainly, it is better if pregnant women quit smoking.

Other researches have showed that reduced pulmonary function in babies of smokers continues into childhood and up to age 21 years.

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