What is Zayn Malik Smoking?

by Jenny Novac on September 14, 2015

Recently Zayn Malik posted on Instagram an image which made his fans just upset. Why? On the black and white image he is smoking a cigarette and fans are asking what kind of cigarette is this.

Zayn Malik Smoking

The image of former One Direction member shows him holding a rolled-up cigarette. You may see a heavy smoke coming out of his mouth. What kind of cigarette is he using?

Though the pop star has a very few number of images on Instagram, his account has nearly 1.9million followers.

Seems like Zayn Malik with his photos where he smokes, plays instruments and just enjoys a good time wants to create am image of a bad boy who normally conqueres women’s hearts and men’s respect. However, in reality the effect is opposite.

When fans saw latest smoking image of Malik, they left quite negative comments under it. Fans asked him to stop smoking. Here are some of them:


“I’m not saying angry I’m saying betrayed and yes u can’t stop your self from feeling betrayed,”

“Please, no zayn, noooo,”

“Please, no zayn, noooo,” wrote jhulidrew.

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