What Thirdhand Smoke Is

by Jenny Novac on November 18, 2013


Most of you heard about secondhand smoke and know about how it affects people, but what do you know about thirdhand smoke? Scientists found that it can be dangerous too.

Everyone knows that smoking is no good for his body and living with a smoker makes you inhale tobacco smoke which can affect you as well. This is secondhand smoke.

Dr. Norman Edelman from American Lung Association explains the notion of secondhand smoke saying this is when somebody smokes cigarettes in the presence of other persons and they inhale that tobacco smoke which may cause a number of health problems such as asthma, COPD and respiratory infections.

Now scientists reveal that thirdhand smoke may also affect human body. But first it is necessary to define what it is. Thirdhand smoke is when the fumes come off somebody who has smoked elsewhere. These can have negative effects not only on our health but on health of our kids.

According to Dr. Edelman, there was obtained evidence that thirdhand smoke affects negatively kids like chronic respiratory infections and chronic ear infections and if your clothes and hair do reek of tobacco smoke, theere may occur an asthma attack in your kid.

How to avoid a thirdhand smoke? The American Lung Association says that the better way is to quit. In case you do not want to do it, you should smoke outside where the air is less concentrated and the smoke fumes are not as heavy and won’t be left on clothes.

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