Whoopi Goldberg, the Face of New Anti-Smoking App

by Jenny Novac on March 2, 2015

Whoopi Goldberg

The famous Hollywood actress Whoopi Goldberg became the face for new quit smoking app found at nobituary.com. Using the site, users create an optimistic message for a family member or friend who smokes. The message looks like a newspaper necrologue and its aim is to help quit smoking habit.

Goldberg is a former smoker. She likes the idea of the new app and says that it is much better to send a loving message to a smoker while he is alive instead of the one after his death. She believes that the app would encourage people to not smoke.

The author of the app is Ian Wishingrad, who says the idea of creating the app first appeared five years ago. After some time he saw Goldberg in a documentary about Moms Mabley where she confessed she just quit smoking, and he understood she is perfect for his new project.

When he proposed Whoopi in a message to participate in the project, she loved the idea and agreed. Then Ian went to ‘The View’ to met with her and her producing partner Tom Leonardis to talk about it in details. As a result she gave her permission to use her name.

Goldberg considers the app would have a huge impact on smokers, and it is a great alternative to anti-smoking campaigns that use pictorial warnings.

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