Why do people start to smoke?

by Jenny Novac on May 30, 2012

Nowadays tobacco products are extensively available and can be bought inexpensively in many countries. That is why purchasing cigarettes is not any more a luxury thing, but only for those people who can afford to purchase them and if a tobacco product is widely accessible by most people.

Smoking Teens

Girls teenagers smoking cigarettes

Why do people start smoking?

Today people start smoking in their early or mid teens and to see those who took up the smoking habit after the age of eighteen is rare.

At such age, teenagers don’t think about smoking impact and do not realize how addictive smoking can be. Teenagers think that they can try smoking and then to will be able to quit freely.

Within a short period of time, adolescents can see the same cravings and withdrawal symptoms as an adult smoker if they smoke many cigarettes.

There are several reasons why children or teenagers start smoking.

Coeval pressure plays a big role part in smoking initiation. Many teenagers try smoking because their friends have tried it or already smoke.

Parents, undoubtedly, have a big influence on their children. Children want to look like their parents and start smoking because one of their parents or both are smokers.

Low self-esteem is one more reason why children start smoking. They think that smoking help them to make friends, everybody from “smoking community” will communicate with them because as a rule children at schools smoke together.

Some children have affirmed that they smoke in order to be older, mostly if they are surrounded by smoking young adults.

Some children take up smoking only because they want to try or experiment with smoking.

At this young age, a teenager is more likely to be impacted by their friends than their parents.

Some teenagers may start smoking because their favorite celebrity smokes. They may think that they will look more glamorous, attractive or sexy if they resemble them.

Tobacco companies’ advertisements as well have a major impact on young people. Every smoking advertising either on billboards, TV or papers is designed to be attractive not only for smokers, but also for non-smoking people.

Tobacco advertising is prohibited in some countries and cigarette makers invent new ways of promotion of their products. Some countries have banned any tobacco advertising on billboards, TV, radio, in magazines, newspapers or on buses or trains.

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