Why to Use a Cigarette Holder?

by Jenny Novac on June 2, 2014

Woman with a Cigarette Holder

Do not confuse cigarette holder with a cigarette case. These are two different things for two different purposes. A cigarette holder is the accessory used for smoking a single cigarette.  A cigarette case is used to hold many cigarettes for the purpose of carrying.

People who use cigarette holders say that the main reason they do it is because it makes smoking more aesthetic. Use of cigarette holder helps to protect hands and hair from tobacco odor. Also smokers say it helps to prevent teeth from appearing of stains! In fact there are a lot of advantages of use of cigarettes holders and one most important is that this smoking accessory helps to enjoy the real taste of fine tobacco.

Woman with a Cigarette Holder

Are cigarette holders just female accessories? No, everyone may ose them but mostly women do it. Therefore it is considered a smoking accessory for women and they use them not only on special ocassions but in their everyday life, because they want to look beautiful and elegant every day.

Cigarette holders are easy to use. You just place filter tip in the holder and light up your cigarette! You hold it the way you feel comfortable to do it. There is no specific rules for it. Look at Audgrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffanie’s’ playing glamorous Holly Golightly. Look how graceful she is with a long cigarette holder!

Holly Golightly

Cigarette holders come in different diameters for different diameters of cigarettes from regular to super slims.

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