Will Jeremy Mathieu Refuse from Smoking?

by Jenny Novac on August 4, 2014

Jeremy Mathieu

Famous football club Barcelona aquired recenly a new player, Jeremy Mathieu, who will play for the club for the next four seasons. The club payed £15.9m for the former centre-back from Valencia who is going to replace Carles Puyol.  Jeremy Mathieu is a smoker and he told that he will not refuce from this habit. Due to this declaraion the club told they may cancel the contract with him.

However, football fans were worried more about the huge sum of contract rather than about his smoking habit. The French footballer is glad to know that people do not judge his personal choices.

“I do not smoke much but I do smoke when I want. It is a personal thing. What actually matters is what happens on the field and people forget that I go running. I want the best for the team, above my own personal goals.”

However, it is likely that FC Barcelona does not welcome the smoking habit of Mathieu. In 2013 the football club along with the European Commission launched an anti-smoking campaign. Today the stadium Camp Nou is 100% smoke-free.

It should be said that Mathieu smoked cigarettes being in FC Valencia and the football club did not achieve any success in making him refuse from the habit.

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