Women Are Seen As Less Attractive If They Smoke

by Jenny Novac on July 4, 2012

Recently Lana Del Rey was caught smoking on stage at he Eurockéennes Festival, one of France’s biggest music events. In spite of her original stage accessory she looked very serious, it seemed that most men did not accept her smoking.

A recent survey of 1,500 men and women was conducted to reveal how smoking affects and how attractive smoking people are to the opposite sex.

57 % of men consider that women look less attractive if they smoke, but if the roles are reversed, only 22 % of women consider that it is less attractive if men smoke.

Smoking Girl

A woman holding a cigarette in her mouth

It seems that smoking women are like a bit of a bad boy for men, but 63 % of women consider that men are more attractive if they smoke, in comparison with the 18 % of men who find smoking women more attractive.

25 % of men said that it is the same difference to them whether a women smokes or not, but women seem to be more anxious about this matter as only 15 % of them said they didn’t mind either way.

So who is more like to smoke, and when? So, in the group, that consists of people between the ages of 18-25, 67 % of men were smokers and 58 per cent of women were smoking.

Men are less likely to smoke when they get older. Only 62 % of men between the ages of 26-40 smoked. Women are apparently more like to smoke as they get older as 58 % of women in the same age group smoked.

It is not a secret that smoking can cause serious damages to people’s health and lead to an early grave, but the health of a smoker is not the only thing that is damaged. People around smokers are also affected by secondhand smoking.

A price of a pack of 20 cigarettes is on average £7.20, so if a person is smoking a pack per day, that’s over £50 per week a smoker, spends on cigarettes.

The survey revealed that men spend more money on tobacco products than women – men spend £54 a week in comparison with women who spend £47.

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