E-cigarettes are Not Safe – It Affects

E-cigarettes are Not Safe

In one of its recent publications, CHEST claims that electronic cigarettes are not studied so good that we could talk about their exact benefits and risks. Generally, physicians and public health experts have different opinions on them and they may be divided into two groups.

The first group says that any alternative to regular cigarettes is better and here e-cigarettes are welcomed by them. They claim that those devices do not produce side-stream smoke and therefore they are less harmful to people who stand behind a smoker and are exposed to his smoke. This group of health experts says that e-cigarettes would help to reduce smoking-related diseases and tobacco-associated mortality among the population.

The second group of health experts says that no enough data is showing that e-cigarettes do help to quit smoking. They talk about possible negative effects caused by the presence of harmful substances in liquid for those devices. E-cigarettes contain nicotine which causes addiction, therefore people using it cannot quit so easily. Manufacturers know it but keep this in secret because they want to get the army of new nicotine addicts to ensure the prosperity of their business. The group also claims that manufacturers produce liquids with sweet flavours to attract young customers.

Seems like the first group is bought by manufacturers, and we should trust the opinion of the second group of health experts. Generally, it sounds awless when a doctor allows his patients with lung diseases to use e-cigarettes.

Studies show that more and more teens are in danger because they are using e-cigarettes these days. The numbers are alarming and we should do something about it. Teens are extremely vulnerable to advertising and they believe that e-cigarettes are safe due to lack of tobacco. We should explain to them that nicotine found in e-cigarettes causes addiction just like in regular cigarettes.

Knowing about the negative effects of e-cigarettes, many bars and restaurants do not allow their use inside their establishments. More and more ordinary people consider that e-cigarettes are not as safe as manufacturers say, therefore they are against those devices.

Health care experts recommend using nicotine patches and gums instead of e-cigarettes when the talk is about quitting.

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